About us

about us

The Pyramid for Light came into being with the heartfelt dedication and support of hundreds of volunteers, who all trusted the Divine Guidance within.

Ever since its inception, all team members cooperate in its further development, understanding that each individual contribution is essential to form the collective wholeness.

The P4L Foundation Philippines Inc. was founded and legally approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission in Manila on August 18, 2006 and with registration number: CN200613117 and TIN number: 006-322-949.

Meet the core teams ...

Left to right upper row: Joseph Calano, Dyna Damasco, Harmony Umali, Star Capillan, Amadon, Benjamin Bernabela,
Left to right lower row: Jermabelle Westner, Amalia Dizon, Josiane Dewachter, Olivier Abossolo, Marika Verheijen

The Foundation board consists of:
Amalia Dizon - Chairwoman
Dyna Damasco - Treasurer
Joseph Calano - Secretary
Harmony Umali – Board member
Marika Verheijen - Co-founder & Board member
Claes Noremark - Co-founder & Board member

Divine Designers
DD Team

In 2009, during a seminar in the Philippines, the Divine Designers or DD Team was formed, a diverse group of 4 experts from different continents, cultures and professional backgrounds: Remi Florian, Maan Bacha, Jean-Jacques Breluzeau and Sylvie Parent. Their competences turned out to be very complimentary and together they designed the Pyramid for Light combining Divine Guidance with sacred geometry, geo-biology, local eco-expertise and modern technology.

Stewards team onsite

Ever since the site’s official opening, a kind, committed and competent team of stewards with their families have been looking after the place with all its facilities; Dyna as the main coordinator and Elmer, Raymond and Jojo as stewards for both maintenance and repair.

In loving memory to:

Rev. Alex L. Orbito

for his visionary and inspiring presence as founder and chairman from 2006 till 2020

Atty. Precioso Perlas

for this voluntary service in the board as legal advisor from 2006 till 2021

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Rev. Alex L. Orbito

Rev. Alex Orbito, who was often considered the ‘Godfather’ amongst the Filipino spiritual healers, left this earthly plane on July 6, 2020.

As a young boy, growing up in the humble, rural areas of Nueva Ecija and Pangasinan, he constantly dreamt of a Pyramid. Although he had not seen nor heard about the Pyramids of Egypt, his entire life would be driven by this powerful vision: a Pyramid filled with radiant Light facilitating the reconnection with the Divine Source. 

He grew up to become a world-renowned spiritual healer whose reputation and healing capacities quickly spread across all continents. Numerous scientific research, holistic and spiritual books, articles and filmed documentaries have been dedicated to him and his healing mission. His work gained wider recognition when actress and best-selling author Shirley MacLaine described her personal and life-changing healing experiences in her book “Going Within”.  

Apart from his work as a spiritual healer, he founded the Philippines Healers Circle Association in 1983, the Spiritual Help Foundation and the Pyramid of Asia Healing Center in 1999. He was conferred the Honorary Doctorate title by the UN World Brotherhood Congress in 1985 for “outstanding and dedicated Envoy for Universal Peace, Goodwill and Understanding” and he received the José Rizal Award in 2000 for his humanitarian work in the Philippines. 

Despite the unbelief and skepticism, Rev. Alex Orbito worked patiently and persistently for the awareness of spiritual and holistic healing in the Philippines and beyond. Although he constantly sought after, he always remained humble, stating that he’s only an instrument of Divine Powers .

In 2006, the Pyramid for Light Foundation was created, of which he became both the Chairman as well as the inspiring visionary and spiritual leader till his earthly passing in 2020. We remain immensely grateful for his healing work and visionary’s legacy.