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Facilities of the P4L

The Pyramid for Light with all its services was built to accommodate and facilitate transformative processes both individually and collectively.

The entire Pyramid for Light site offers:
Facilities for spiritual practice:
  • Pyramid for Light; a spacious open structure of 21×21 meters (about 69×69 feet) and over 13 meters (about 44 feet) high pillars surrounded by nature
  • Chakra trail; an initiation pathway with 8 energy points and platforms (with a seating capacity of 20 per platform), each vibrating on a different color and frequency
  • Bird’s path; a 3+ km peripheral pathway with 13 energy points for contemplative and silence walks surrounded by pristine forest nature
  • Sta Rosario Cave; a spacious, multi-chambered cave for silence and deeper immersion programs
  • Father, Mother and Sacred Heart trees; ancient trees that carry specific, powerful energy fields
  • Several communal platforms for meditation, sharing and grounding exercises
Facilities to accommodate:
  • Nipa Huts: 25 small native bamboo cottages with 2 beds, 2 wardrobes, 2 closets and a terrace. Bedlinen (100 % cotton) is provided with pillow, pillowcase, a blanket, a mosquito net, and a led light.
  • Kitchen, buffet and spacious dining area
  • Shower (12 units) and toilet (14 units) facilities with separate blocks for women and men
  • A sustainable environment with organic and vegetable garden:
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