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The Vision

The purpose of the Pyramid for Light is to align with the Earth´s transition to higher vibrations through its powerful cosmic and telluric energies that coincide in this area. These energies facilitate the multidimensional human journey to unite mind, body and soul by (re)-connecting with the Divine Source.

All programs are therefore designed to facilitate self-discovery, healing and empowerment through the alignment of all energy centers with particularly the heart’s opening at its vibrating  core.

As such, the Pyramid for Light serves as a conscious learning village to foster a sustainable, regenerative and (w)holistic living in harmony with nature. 


The story of origin

In 1967, Rev. Alex Orbito or Brother Aloja received spiritual guidance from his dying father about a holy cave on which entrance he stumbled shortly after. Inside its chambers, he witnessed the apparition of a female  being radiating light who called herself “the White Lady or Lady of Light”. She gently asked him to bring groups inside the cave for meditation and contemplation. Brother Aloja thus held yearly meditations during the Holy (Easter) week inside the Sta Rosario Cave which became the highlight of each seminar or retreat.

Gradually, the ‘Lady of Light’ made her presence more apparent with the ever-returning message to build a Pyramid nearby. She went on to explain that its powerful geometrical structure will serve to catalyze and diffuse the emerging light and heart vibration across the earth.

The Pyramid for Light Foundation was thus created in the Philippines in 2006 as a legal, humanitarian basis in service of this higher purpose, even though we had more questions than answers. Faith, love and unity carried us forward despite the many unknowns and challenges we faced.

In the years that followed, every group would systematically gather nearby the Sta Rosario Cave, visualizing the manifestation of the Pyramid for Light. The powerful energies felt in this area were increasingly palpable.

During one of the cave meditations, the Lady of Light asked us to inaugurate the Pyramid on 11.11.2011, which happened to coincide with the full moon’s peak at 4 am in the Philippines.

In the same year of 2009, the DD Team (Divine Designers) was formed as the Lady of Light pointed at 4 different people who didn’t know each other. Their competences turned out to be very complementary with 2 different architects/eco-engineer, a geo-biologist and a renewable energy specialist. Together they designed the Pyramid for Light combining divine guidance with sacred geometry, geo-biology, local eco-expertise, and modern technology. The real construction phase started in April 2011 after the contract was signed with the architectural and construction partners. 

An extremely challenging task lay ahead: building the Pyramid for Light in an un-accessible forest area, a tight construction planning of 6 months during rainy season, multi-lingual and multi-cultural volunteer teams with collective decision-making and a limited budget based on donations. An enormous challenge to accomplish or what some called as ‘mission impossible’.

During the intense months that followed, while facing all possible types of obstacles including extreme flooding, the Lady of Light kept repeating the same mantra “United in Light and Love, everything is possible”.

Thanks to the omnipresent divine guidance and selfless teamwork, the Pyramid for Light was finished just in time for its official inauguration on 11.11.11 in the presence of 280 participants from 22 countries worldwide.

Geo-Biology Studies

Measuring energy points and telluric lines

Geo-biology studies the influences of earth energies on all forms of life. The earth is threaded with a grid of energy lines or meridians of electromagnetic energy which have a powerful influence on all living things. Most ancient monuments and sacred temples around the world were built on strong earth energies which have the power to alter and uplift human consciousness.

As the DD team made their first geo-biology studies onsite, they measured extremely high vibrational energy points and telluric lines across the land. Thirteen different energy spots were located on the peripheral or “Bird’s path”, which is now a meditative pathway to welcome and prepare participants. The name “Bird’s path” was derived from the clear shape once the points were located and connected.

Coming closer to the heart of the land, they measured 7 different energy points, each vibrating on a different color. These energy points progressively increase in vibration and form together the ’’Chakra trail’’ which interestingly, shows the form of a human fetus, symbolizing the re-birthing process.

From here, the energy portal opened to the future location of the Pyramid for Light represented by the color white, symbolizing purity to connect with the Divine Source.

The team consisting of geo-biologists, engineers and architects with the spiritual guidance of Brother Aloja, jointly discovered sacred, silver, golden and platinum telluric ley-lines, which is highly exceptional.

Through divine invocation unexplainable occurrences took place, whereby the different ley-lines crossings started to move to coincide on one central point. That specific point is today the beating heart at the center of the Pyramid for Light.

Pyramid Energies

Sacred Geometry Principles

The Pyramid form is found in many sacred buildings all over the world, like the famous Giza Pyramids in Egypt. This Pyramid was built in accordance with the divine proportions and the law of the golden ratio which follows the Fibonacci numbers, a numeric combination found in all living things. This ancient knowledge with its mathematical proportions based on sacred geometry has also been applied in the design and construction of the Pyramid for Light.

Sacred geometry principles are comparable to harmonious music compositions. The profound wellbeing we  experience while listening to a beautiful piece of music resembles the powerful experience inside the Pyramid for Light as a result of a complete energy alignment.

During certain group seminars, collective activities generated extraordinarily powerful energy surges, several dozen times higher than the initial value, which is already very high on the site. This is how we came to propose Bovis Sacred Connection (BCS) unit energy measurements. These muti-dimensional “energy baths”, combining local cosmo-tellurism power with the Divine Connection initiated by Alex Orbito, proved extremely beneficial for participants. They are currently being continued and expanded.

Matter can’t exist unless it has energy to keep its structure. The Pyramid for Light functions as both a catalyst and harmonizer between the two polarity principles of Yin and Yang, the female and the male, the earth and the sky, the moon and the sun, the energy and the matter.

Since the Pyramid facilitates the perfect union between poles, a new energy of Light is being created, that nurtures the entire planetary grid with all its living beings.

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