The Power of Pyramids

The Pyramid has a sacred geometrical shape that collects energy from the universe and centers it down to us through the apex. Since ancient times, the four sloping sides of the pyramid have been found to attract powerful bio-energy forces that can help in healing. The Egyptians viewed the pyramid as a spiritual symbol because it connects electromagnetic energy surrounding the earth with the stars and other planets.

Pyramids harness high-vibrational energy, giving immense power to manifest. They contain a catalyzing and amplifying force bringing new, vibrant energy to the intentions that are being placed within, horizontally through the Earth energy grid and vertically through its Cosmic –Apex - Earth alignment.

All the Pyramids around the world are built on important “nodes” or ley line positions, forming together an energy grid that nurtures and balances the Earth.

Documentaries & links:

The 1 Field

A groundbreaking documentary about consciousness with leading experts

Pyramides de Bosnie: Leur Puissance Révélée

French documentary about the Pyramid's metaphysical powers by Quantum Leap Music


The creation of the Pyramid for Light by Ludovic Jean


The life’s mission of Rev. Alex Orbito by Dobrin Kashavelov & Ganeta Sagova


The power of Pyramid & Heart energy by Marika Verheijen


Exploring the origins of humanity & pyramids by Marijn Poels


Exploring human’s potential by Anthony Chene
Global Pyramid Network and partners:

In close cooperation with the Global Pyramid Network, we co-created partnerships with other Pyramid organizations and families around the world to restore and activate this healing grid network. As a result, we held a global online Pyramid retreat program during the lockdown period of 2020-2022 with participants from across the world.